Thursday, 16 August 2012

Working Car Components (Part I)

Blue Dot: Suspension/Opening Rear Trunk

One of the main draws of Tomicas is model realism in the form of a moving or working car component such as the: door, ladder, leg stand, satellite dish, sliding compartment, bonnet and car trunk etc. You can find this information written on the bottom right of the box. In the above example loosely translated: here it probably means a simulated car suspension with rear opening boot (6 golf bags anyone?).

Red Dot: Lever Mechanism

The second example here of the Special Model No. 16: Lotus Espirit gets the pop-up headlamps treatment. The control lever is located on the base plate shown by the red dot, cool huh? ☄

Here are more examples, see if you can figure them out (answers in Part II):

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