Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tomica Shop Point Card

The Tomica Shop Point Card

The above card you see was applied on my behalf by a good friend of mine when he was in Tokyo helping to get some nice Tomicas for me. This is a handy card to use if you visit the Tomica Shops often enough to accumulate points on your purchase (100 Yen = 1 Point) in order to redeem special gift items such as mugs, t-shirts and also shop models. I have also loosely translated the terms of its use below. Makes you wish you were staying in Japan huh? 👀

Terms and Conditions
* The expired points points on the card are extended for one year.
* Valid only at the issuing store (Tokyo, Osaka & Nagoya Shop Cards are different).
* For point card expiry date, please check on back of card.* Membership is non-transferable. 
* Prize items are subject to change without notice and while stocks last.

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