Thursday, 16 August 2012

Box Art Variation

In the beginning, Tomy took much effort to include at the sides of the box, an outlined drawing that depicts the car and the description of the working vehicle parts for the Regular Box Series. They try to maximise the use of estate space to give greater value to collectors. This value-adding emphasis carried on into the Red & White boxes, which included the printing of vehicle history and specifications. However as the years went on, the car illustration was dropped, and the accompanying information was reduced to just basic. Only the regulatory labels, child safety warning and manufacturing information etc remained.

Throughout its release, Tomy had varied the details on the box art and I have consolidated some variations:

Regular Box (Black & Yellow)

I - Illustration Printed (Both Sides)

II - Illustration Printed (Single Side)
IIa - Similar to Type II (No Illustration)

Regular Box (Red & White)

I: Car Description Printed (Made in Japan)

II: Car Specifications Printed (Made in Japan)

III: General History Printed (Made in Japan)

IV: Car Specifications Printed

V: Licence Information Printed

VI: General History Printed

VII: Labels & Manufacturing Information Printed

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