Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Factory, The Special and The Event

Introducing another three series of product lines from TakaraTomy:
  1. Tomica Special Models (特別仕様トミカ)
  2. Tomica Event Models (トミカイベントモデル)
  3. Tomica Factory Models (組み立て工場)

Special Model Batch 2: No. 13 Porsche 911S

The first one, Tomica Special Models are released in batches of 25 cars. The first batch had a ★ which is indicated on the box cover. So the second batch would have 
★ printed and the latest is batch three - model No. 14 a red Subaru R1 (at the time of writing).

Event Model Batch 2: No. 08 TDM Electric Tornado / Example of Gold Badge

The second, Tomica Event Models also uses the 
★ system and has two batches currently, but oddly enough the first batch had a gold coloured badge on the box cover with a total 28 cars. Batch two onwards has the silver badge printing with the latest model being the No. 14 Mazda RX-7 (FC3S).

Event Special Model-Toyota Crown Fire Chief Car
Then there is also the Event Special Models released specifically during special occasions like a Tomica Shop outlet opening etc which typically comes in the blue/white coloured box.

Factory Model Batch 2: Set 16 Toyota bB / (4th Variant Patrol Car)

Lastly on with the Tomica Factory Models. As you probably figured out by now, all three series follow the 
★ naming system in order to differentiate the releases by batches. The Factory models normally come in three variant colours of one particular model but sometimes a fourth variant is also introduced (see picture above). The first batch had 18 sets (otherwise known as 弾), the second batch had 20 sets + 2 special shop sets (the Daihatsu Midget and the Suabaru 360) and the current third batch has 3 sets + the mini mini diorama police car [I'm sharing this information to the best of my knowledge and if you have more information about them please drop me a note].


  1. Thank you very much for posting this. It was helpfull and also answered a few questions.

  2. Does anyone know how many of the Tomica #80-1 Mazda Savanna GT's in plated gold and plated chrome were produced? I have only seen two come up for sale on Ebay. That was about 3 years ago. One sold for $418.00 and the other one sold for just over $300.00. They must be more rare than the #30-1 Mitusbishi GTO. Last year on Ebay, six of them (MIB) were sold by the same seller.

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