Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tomica Dandy and the Limited "S" Series

Turbo Nissan Bluebird

Tomy had at one time ventured into producing larger and more detailed models such as the Tomica Dandy.  They were normally 1/43 scale or larger and produced from the 1972 until 1993. They were all Japanese cars initially and foreign models were later added from 1977. The numbering system was also changed in 1984 based on the nature of the vehicles (e.g. emergency, police, Japan, foreign, etc).

The Limited S Series

In 2001, Tomy reissued six Tomica Dandy models in limited quantities. Tomica Dandy castings have also been used in gift sets and the Tomica Limited S Series, but these models have the “Dandy” name on their base plates removed. The Tomica Limited S Series had just 10 cars produced and for some reason Tomy did not continue with it, which in my opinion is quite a pity. The S Series are big, lovely and have more working car parts too. I have collected a few of them and here's one of my favourite :teeth:

S0006-Mazda Savanna RX-7 (FC3S)

Here's the full list of the TL S-Series Car for reference:

(Article: Wiki. Picture: TakaraTomy)

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