Thursday, 16 August 2012

Striking Lottery

Could This Be It? 🎊

Yes yes, don't we all think about it from time to time, but this is a different game of chance. The Lotto Series, which is also known as the Kuji (くじ) Set. By Lotto, abbreviated from the word Lottery, gives meaning to a lucky pick and randomness. From my understanding, collectors would "tikam" (i.e. pick) from a case of blind boxes by poking through the flap covers to retrieve out a blind box. To save on the hassle, some collectors would just buy up the entire box instead. They can come in as little as 12-cars (Hanshin Tiger Set) to as many as a 20-car set.

Lotto Sets Released

For myself, as there are too many Lotto Sets to back-collect, I decided to start from Lotto VI onwards, which is the ever popular Auto Salon Set though I still collect some vehicles on a selective basis from the Lotto I to V Sets.

New Lotto
The Lotto XII: Revenant Wings *just kidding about the name* is due for release in March 2009. The Lotto XII is actually お仕事Tomica大圖鑑 1. I am unable to determine the exact meaning but loosely translated it could mean a "Working Vehicles" collection.

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