Thursday, 16 August 2012

Beyond The Limits

Real life Toyota AA Model / Isuzu Bonnet Bus
Some collectors may not know this but there are two special editions of the Tomica Limited (TL) that were released in the past but they are not for sale items. That means Tomy had produced the even more limited version of the TL *(o__O)" duh.. but you get the idea 😃

The Toyoda AA is black in colour and distributed at an event sponsored by Toyota Motors at least six years ago. The Isuzu Bonnet Bus (小田急) was also a custom piece of TL. It gave me food for thought over two matters: a) will a third special edition be released and b) what doe the "Limited" in the TL actually means when the TL is quite widely stocked with each release. As you might have guessed by now, these two have become a rarity in today's market and are quite difficult to obtain at decent prices 😣

Toyoda AA Model (Special Edition & Normal TL0015)

Isuzu Bonnet Bus (Special Edition & Normal TL0025)

(Photos: TomicaTopPage)

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