Thursday, 16 August 2012

Finding Tomica News

There are plenty amount of information that can be garnered from the web. A basic grasp of Japanese language is helpful when searching for Tomica-related news, so keep a web translator handy. Google is your best friend to search them out and remember, results can be very different when you type "Tomica" as opposed to "トミカ".

Similarly to find out more on Tomica Lottery Series, using "Tomica Lotto" and "トミカ くじ" as keywords would yield a big difference. With a little research, I found the following two examples can be translated:

New model release every 3rd Saturday (Regular Box)

New model release every 4th Saturday (Tomica Limited)

The best place to look out for new model releases are mostly Japanese sites.

TakaraTomy website itself is a good and reliable place to start. I am not inclined to post web links as resource here since they would be outdated over time. Feel free to leave me a message if you require more information.

There are only few websites devoted exclusively to Tomica so for more daily action, you are better off participating and gathering information from diecast forums with sub-sections on Tomica.

Tomica Reference Books and Catalogues

Amazon JP is also a good site to see "arriving soon" models. Some of the websites I visit are collectors' galleries (there are many of them), Yahoo JP and HK Auction sites. I also participate in a few diecast forums. Catalogues and reference books were released over the years so you could also read up on them. The last yet likely the best way to obtain useful information would be from your own network of friends sharing the same hobby :dft012:

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