Thursday, 16 August 2012

Old and New Town

New Tomica Town Logo

The Tomica Town series was added to complete the dream of collectors by making available various common establishments such as the Police Station and Fire Station, Hospital, Petrol Station, Car Parks, Car Showroom, Toll Booths, Roads, Vehicle Crossings etc. This expanded the use of the cars to set up dioramas and daily commuting scenes for greater enjoyment of Tomica collecting. They are usually packaged with a free car or PLAkid.

The Hustle and Bustle of City Life

In June 2008, TakaraTomy had released the new series of Tomica Town products to the delight of Tomica collectors. However to note, the new series are not the same and suffers from some incompatibility with the previous series. From loose translation, the old roads, big cross junction, toll booth and town traffic signal will not be compatible for joint use. For the buildings, the pedestrian walkway is already included so that's one less thing to worry about. For other scenery items such as traffic work zone, train crossing and car wash they are fully compatible.

So has the value of the old establishments and roads fallen? Well not at all if you prefer a nice little vintage old town. Another plus point for the old series is that some comes with a free car model while the new series with just a PLAkid 😌

Road Width: 4cm (New) and 5.4cm (Old)


 (Old Tomica Town)

Gallery (New Tomica Town)


  1. May I know where to buy the roads for Tomica Town?

  2. Hi. I have not collected Town Sets for awhile. Best check with your local shops/suppliers.