Friday, 14 November 2008

T3: Up, Up & Away !

3..2..1.. we have ignition..

had always collaborated with external parties to produce new Tomica series and special models. Arguably so, their closest working partnership must be with Disney as compared to any other organisations. This is evident given the number of new moulds developed under the Disney licence. I would like to share one such Disney Resort Model which is quite different, that even after some searching, I still do not really know what to call it *if you got the name to this model leave me a message* Looking at its shape and design, let's just call it the Jet Star for now.

Blast Away!!

I rather like this model for it looks simple and clean and reminds me of a rocket shaped like an egg. I figured that this will be one of the more popular kiddie rides available at Tokyo Disneyland!

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