Saturday, 15 November 2008

T3: Long Tomica Comeback

Yes! The Long Tomica is making a serious comeback and they return mostly in the forms of Hino Cab Trailers and Japanese Railway Shinkansen (新幹線) Head Cars. Click through the pictures for more details (I've done the loose translation for better understanding). I'm looking forward in particular to the No. 129 Tomica Racing Transporter, which can fit up to one race car in its trailer.

I'm also thinking if TakaraTomy will take the model numbers beyond 130 and if we can expect the full series of Shinkansen trains in the future (wouldn't that be something). These are all scheduled for a January 2009 release so be sure to start saving up!! =D

Number 121 to 124

No 125 to 128

No 129 & 130

(Credits: TakaraTomy)

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