Thursday, 27 November 2008

T3: Tomica Collection - Bow/Desktop Series

Ready To Display

Tomy had in the past, produced cars that come with an acrylic display case. There are two such releases, both short-lived, the Bow Series and the Desktop Resort Collection. I managed to collect all three of the first and just one from the latter.

Bow Series

Box Art and Coupling To Attach Multiple Cases Together

This was a collaboration in July 1999 with notable illustrator/painter Ikeda Kazuhiro (池田和弘). The three popular sports car models at its time released were: Fairlady 240ZG, Toyota 2000GT and Skyline GT-R.
If interested you can go to their website, where they have printed books, calendars and other items for sale.

Savannah Mazda RX-7 RacingToyota 2000GT (red)Skyline GTR
Illustrations Works by Bow

A brief commentary on the car and a cover art illustration were part of the extras packaged into the product and it was obviously targeted at the more sophisticated and adult collector as the Age Label was listed as "15+". Perhaps due to the price of 1,350 Yen (without tax), the response to this Tomica Collection series by Tomy was lukewarm. As a result there were plenty of remaining stocks left on the shelves of shops :016:


Fairlady 240ZG

Toyota 2000GT

Skyline GT-R


Desktop Resort Collection

Lovely!! :teeth:

This series was another similar set released with a lifestyle backdrop to form a nice diorama with the cars. The three models are: Honda S2000, Honda Stepwagon and Skyline R34 GT-R.


Honda S2000

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