Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mini World of Tomica (Part II of II)

Hey look what we got.. a bB!

The Tomica Junior is still releasing new product lines and there is no ending of them in sight. How do we get them? Some good places to start would be stores selling general toys merchandise. There are also online stores that would sell/ship the completed set to you. They come at a premium price because the guesswork is taken out and you could avoid any duplicates as when compared to churning the capsules on your own. A good way to overcome this dilemma is to gather a group of like-minded collectors to "loot out" one machine and share around the duplicates around/trade with each other. Here's the link to Part I.

Rows and Rows of the Gashapon Machines

Here are some from my own collection:

You would be surprise to what comprehensive extent Yujin had got them covered, it even has the latest Tomica Hero Rescue Force featured in all its miniature glory!

Light Series

Patrol Car Series

Tomica Hero Rescue Force Series

Other Series

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