Friday, 5 December 2008

T3: A Vintage Christmas

TLV-68a スバルサンバーポンプ消防車 (岡部町消防団 第六分団) (ミニカー)
Prototype of Sambar Fire Engine Pump

Hey are you into the Christmas mood yet? For the month of December 2008, we will see a release of some really nice
:yummy: Tomica Limited Vintage and Neo models so they are worth a mention here. They cost 1155 Yen and 1029 Yen each respectively. They are due for release late in month so just in time to bring in some Christmas cheer. Made out some loose translation for easy reading.

TLV-68a Subaru Sambar Fire Engine Pump (Okabe Fire Fighters Sixth Division)
TLV-68b Subaru Sambar Fire Engine Pump (Mitaka Fuji Heavy Industries)

TLV-N15a Honda TN-V Truck (Green)
TLV-N15b Honda TN-V Truck (Blue)


  1. love those firetrucks starscream! my soon would love 'em! :-)

  2. Wahaha.. me too, I'll do my best to collect them.