Sunday, 14 December 2008

T3: Sound of Tomicas

We all know Tomy had produced all sorts of Tomicas, but do you know that they even had Tomica Sound vehicles with audio playback. This article is based on the write-up from the renowned website HelloTomica. From the loose translation:

(I) Sound Tomica

Released in 1992 at 1,200 Yen each, there are eight models to collect. A button activates the sound with flashing car sirens, they are powered by a built-in battery that cannot be replaced upon expiry.

(II) Siren Tomica

Release in 1996 with five cars to collect. This time Tomy were smart enough to include the provision for battery replacements. The audio clips were also changed from the original.

(III) Chat Tomica

Perhaps the most interesting and released in 2000 with six models in the series. Three types of recorded clips will be played (including the sound of sirens, voices and cries of animals).

1) Lion Bus comes with three animal sounds;
2) Toyota Supra Patrol Car speaks out with "a car in front of your house", "rush to the scene", and "woo-woo" sounds; and
3) SL-Kindergarten Bus plays "if I'm the doctor", "good morning everybody" and the dreaded ambulance "po-po" sound smilie

(Photos: HelloTomica)


  1. I wonder, was the first series ever released in the U.S., maybe under a different brand? Those first two cars look very familiar...

  2. Frankly, I have no idea about the US release but Tomy does produce many variant types for each model so we cannot rule out that possibility.