Saturday, 20 December 2008

T3: Long Tomicas (121 to 125) Part 1 of 2

A little bit on the history of Long Tomicas, they were created in order to accommodate longer models such as buses and trailer trucks from 1977 to 1993. Folks do get your budget prepared because TakaraTomy is going to release not only début the long-awaited return of the Long Tomicas but the company is going to release a whole ten of them come January 2009 :006: at 945 Yen each.

Here are the first five:

121-Hino Profia Tank Lorry

122-Shinkansen Series 700-7000

123-Sakai Pneumatic Tire Type Milling Machine

124-Shinkansen Series N700-3000

125-Yanmar Cool Container Trailer Truck


  1. hopefully plan is all these to arrive by 1st week to me... hehehehe

  2. looking at shengtai.. its getting pathetic.. and looks like the GTR set will never reach our shores due to some delays as per CP Yeo...

  3. Gotta start sourcing from overseas.. I've got a friend who is making a return trip from Japan so might care it off him :_)