Wednesday, 17 December 2008

T3: Drinking To Tomica

In 2006, Lawson Inc. and five other beverage companies collaborated to launch an advertising campaign. A free gift of Lawson Original Capsule Tomica will be given for every soft drink purchase. There are a total of seven pieces to collect so drink up! :yamseng:

List of Beverages

Interestingly, the loose translation indicated that unlike normal models, the diecast parts of the body changes to the original model (?) if you have more information about this series, do drop me a message, thanks!


  1. Hmm, #59 blue dynapac CC21. What drink to puchase?

  2. My wild guess is that a car is available each week over a period of seven weeks?

    This was sometime back in 2006, no idea if the campaign is still valid, so it is probably easier if you hunt for the CC21 directly.

  3. well you can get these pretty cheap at those shop where collectors showcase and sell their stuffs... in little display cabinet ... Akiba has many of these shops..

  4. what you do to get the comments in this format?