Monday, 8 December 2008

T3: The Real Deal

121-Convoy 88

From my understanding, the 121-Convoy 88 Tomica model was produced as a collaboration with Mitsuoka Motors and distributed together with the new purchase of the real electric vehicle below.

The Real Deal

The 1/1 life-sized vehicle is from Mitsuoka. It is a single-seater electric car limited to production quantities of only 35 units and with the following specifications:

Length: 1,990mm.
Width: 880mm.
Height: 1,630mm.
Price: 1,081,500 Yen

Can you Drive this thing?

Moreover, drivers must be more than 18 years of age and possess a regular driver's licence to run it on public roads =)


(Photos: All-Truck)

Tomica Pin Art - Convoy 88


  1. Let's do a group order.. you take the real one, I keep the Tomica.. wahahah :D