Saturday, 22 November 2008

T3: Tomica Limited Nissan GT-R Box Set

In an assortment of five colours

Many collectors waiting for the above set which comes with five different coloured GT-Rs. To complete the set, there is still space for a sixth GT-R which is the TL-0099 Nissan GT-R sold earlier in September 2008. A quick search reveals that this Nissan performance car is available in the six following colours:
  1. Ultimate Metal Silver
  2. Super Black
  3. Dark Metal Grey
  4. White Pearl
  5. Vibrant Red
  6. Titanium Grey
As there are too many shades of grey/silver, I'm making a guess is that the above five colours run from colour numbers 1 to 5, with the released GT-R being painted as Titanium Grey but my favourite is Vibrant Red!


  1. me likey the black. i think red is reserved for the ferraris. :-P saw the black gtr on the road once, absolutely amazing.

  2. Yeah its awesome but I'm thinking which will be the stand the test of time as a classic, which will be the real legend, the BNR34 or the new GT-R. =)