Saturday, 8 November 2008

T3: TakaraTomy Survey

Coupon Slip

TakaraTomy had thought up an idea to conduct an exercise to gather information and at the same time obtain feedback about its products. A "contest" coupon is slipped into some Tomica boxes containing the URL and instructions how to proceed with the survey in order to win from a choice of two prizes. All respondents would get a free PC wallpaper to download (loose translation)

Entry Page

Collectors would go to the "takaratomyfans' website and key in a matching pair of codes, one available from the coupon and the other would be the 13-number serial at the back of the box. A successful entry would bring the respondent to a registration page to complete lots of personal info, interests & hobbies and most importantly, the product survey itself of the model concerned.

Survey Form (Pick A or B Prize) / List of Product/Code Numbers

Product Questionnaire (Translated)

They are rated from 1 to 5 (from good to bad) into 5 categories in terms of a) Price, b) Design, c) Playability, d) Safety and e) Overall Satisfaction. If you are game and know some Japanese, step right in and give your feedback too! :tongue:

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