Tuesday, 18 November 2008

T3: Second Anniversary

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Hi There! Yep that's me, standing next to the vintage Mazda T2000.

The World of Tomica Blog started on 18 November 2006, and today marks its 2nd Anniversary (sorry no special edition Tomicas to commemorate haha..) and so here is a post-to-toast Image result for teacup icon to continue hoisting the Tomica Flag high into the third year.

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I'm a rather big fan of トミカ and have been collecting them for a number of years. Though I have not consciously kept track, the number of Tomicas in my collection could be over 800 at this time of writing. I was also told that on average, a Tomica Collector would have 500 to 800 models in his/her collection. Power collectors would have easily amassed over two thousand models over time and it seems to me that they are mostly residing in Japan or Hong Kong. Personally, I have no intention to match them as my hobby goals are my own.


  1. Congratulation! You are a great Tomica Collector.

  2. I did not calculate mine, but it should not less than 250. No time to manage them, it everywhere at the moment :(

  3. Yes it takes time to manage the collection but all worth the effort. I put each and every box into a plastic cover and the in bunches they go into good quality MUJI boxes =)