Saturday, 25 October 2008

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Hello World!

Time to spice things up a bit and make this blog a little more interesting. Thus, I have dedicated a section to share about news and updates, the art (or science) of collecting, various notes of interest and this is basically an anything-goes tea joint for collectors (we serve coffee/tea too),  so grab your plate of biscuits and get ready to enter World of Tomica! Image result for smiley

World of Tomica Logo
The above logo is my latest attempt to give identity to WOT Blog and I have considered using it as a watermark for the blog galleries. Applying watermark is easy work but re-loading them into server would take time.

: Should one watermark/copyright photographs of his/her collection??? Image result for smiley

Well, I had always taken perspective that it becomes a compliment should others make use of our work. So long it is not used/intended for a commercial purpose, I'm fine with it (concept of creative commons).

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