Saturday, 25 October 2008

T3: TakaraTomy 1st Anniversary Memorial Set

1st Anniversary Memorial Set

The merger of two of Japan's biggest toy makers was first announced back in 2005 and then made effective on 1 March 2006. TakaraTomy continues to use the former brand names on some of the product lines although most new toy lines/stand-alone products carry the new branding.

Moving forward, the first Regular Box released was the 25-Mitsuoka Orochi and more than a year later after the merger, they released a box set of three cars namely: Nissan Wingroad, Toyota Probox and Toyota Hiace as the 1st Anniversary Memorial Set. Take a closer look and you can spot the vintage Tomy, vintage Takara and the modern day logos.

PS: I wonder why did Toyota occupy two of the three slots? Image result for smiley

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