Thursday, 30 October 2008

T3: Vintage Goodness

TLV-20A and 20B Fire-Fighting Ambulance Models (released in 2005)
(Credits: Tomytec)

The Tomica Limited Vintage Series started in 2004. The details are mighty fine and the cars are of a good solid feel. It is common practice for two variants of the same model to be produced and be labelled as "A" and "B" types.

TLV-20A Toyota FS45V (Fire-Fighting Service Vehicle)

However, Tomytec in 2008, released a Fire-Fighting Service Vehicle version which is a shop model and a third variant on the Toyota FS45V. Logically it should be named as the "C" model but there was no such indication on the box. The base plate also remains that of a 20A so what do we call it? For simplicity I will just stick to using 20A as with the base plate. That said, this is one nice model for keeps Image result for smiley

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