Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Disney Series

DM-Baymax (Red and White)

DM-01 Dream Star (Mickey Mouse)

 DM-02 Speed Way Star (Donald Duck)

DM-03 Chim Chim (Mickey Mouse)

DM-04 Corotto (Winnie the Pooh)

DM-05 Chim Chim (Minnie Mouse)

 DM-06 Corotto (Stitch)

DM-07 Jamboree Cruiser (Tigger)

DM-08 Dream Star (Minnie Mouse)

DM-09 Chim Chim (Piglet)

 DM-10 Speed Way Star (Mickey)

DS-Subaru 360 (Mickey)

D-34 Ratatouille

D-42 Toyota Land Cruiser (Wall-E)

DS-Love Tomica Edition (Mickey) and (Mickey and Minnie)


  1. how come u dun have the chipmunks

    please refer to this picture lah ... singapore got a lot mah

    [img] [/img]

  2. Enyo: I didn't buy all Disney Motors. As for the Chipmunks DM-17, a friend got it as a gift for me from Japan. You collecting any?