Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Black Box Series

BB-2 Toyota Land Cruiser

BB-5 Toyots Soarer 2800GT

BB-5 Toyota Soarer 2800GT-Extra

BB-6 Isuzu Bonnet Bus

BB-10 Mitsubishi Canter Dumptruck

BB-10 Isuzu 117 Coupe

BB-14 Toyota Diesel Car Transporter

BB-21 Subaru 360

BB-26 Kojima 009 Ford

BB-33 Toyota Cellica 2000GT

BB-35 Isuzu Elf Mini Dump Truck

BB-38 Mazda Cosmo L Limited (Green and Orange)

BB-41 Mitsubishi Fuso Bus

BB-44 Nissan Fairlady Z 432 Police

BB-45 Mazda Cosmo Sport (Mat Vehicle)

BB-49 Isuzu Elf Hi-Roof

BB-51 Colt F2000

BB-55 Mazda Cosmo AP

BB-56 Nissan Diesel Condor

BB-58 Fairlady 240ZG

BB-61 Road Roller

BB-64 Toyota Hiux (Mail Cart)

BB-71 Moon Craft Special

BB-71 Shiden 77 BMW

BB-75 Suzuki Servo

BB-76 Fuso Roof Truck (Pepsi)

BB-76 Fuso Wing Roof Truck

BB-78 Cedric Wagon (Fire Chief Car)

BB-80 Mazda Savanna GT

BB-95 Towing Tractor

BB-96 Toyota Towing Tractor

BB-100 JAL Container

BB-110 Toyota Crown Taxi


  1. I think this is not black box series, this should be "Revival Series" Tomica named when they issue it.

  2. Thanks for the info. Yes you are right, these are the revival of the Black Box Series (Domestic Regular Box). I'm classifying all Black/Yellow Box into one category.

  3. Hi.I'm from Mexico and I have some models of this Black Box Series. Can I send you the pictures to increase this page?