Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tomica Vintage Series


TLV-14B Prince Clipper

TLV-15A Datsun 1200 Truck

TLV-24B Toyopet Crown

TLV-30A Nissan Junior

TLV-31A Nissan Patrol

TLV-34B Prince Clipper

TLV-44A Toyota Publica DX

TLV-46B Prince Skyline DX

TLV-50B Nissan Skyline Estate

TLV-51B Mazda T2000

TLV-68A Subaru Sambar Pumper (Okabe 6 Division)

TLV-68B Subaru Sambar Pumper (Mitaka Fuji Heavy Industries)

TLV-72A Toyota Toyoace


Neo-03A Nissan Leopard TR-X

Neo-05A Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

Neo-06A Subaru Legacy

Neo-15A Honda TN-V Truck (Green)

Neo-15B Honda TN-V Truck (Blue)

Neo-22A Honda Ballade Sports CR-X Si (Black & Red)


TLV-20A Toyota FS45V

TLV-28 Mazda Carol 360


TLV-Toyota Toyoace (Toho Meisha-Za Vol 2)


  1. I just purchased three diecast cars from tomica limited vintage. The cars are smaller than I expected, I still absolutely love them though. I am thinking about starting my collection, but do you think I should keep with the limited vintage line or should I get some Tomica and Tomica Premium in my collection as well?

  2. Hello. As a longer-time collector, I would say to know and stick to one's focus as there are too many lines of products to acquire. You would never collect them all. You are also bound to make exceptions. Go ahead to collect what you fancy and be free to venture into other lines.

    Stick to TLVs if you appreciate the finer details. Some regular line Tomica have poor paintwork, mold and detailing. Tomica Premium is still quite new, maybe collect a couple to see if you would want to pursue them still.