Monday, 1 June 2009

Thomas & Friends

TT-Tomica Thomas

TT-Tomica James

TT-Tomica Gordon

TT-Tomica Toby

TT-Tomica Murdoch

TT-Tomica Duck

TT-Tomica Edward

TT-Tomica Bertie

TT-Tomica Henry

TT-Tomica Donald

TT-Tomica Percy

TT-Tomica Emily

TT-Tomica Arthur

TT-Tomica Ben

TT-Tomica Bulgy

TT-Tomica Spencer

TT-Tomica Harvey


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  2. Hi Heribertus. In Singapore, you can go to the Toys Department at BHG which is located at Bugis Junction. There is some stock of Tomica Thomas and Friends there. Otherwise, you will have to try online shops.

    (Disclaimer: I do not have any ties to this company)