Sunday, 8 April 2018

Tomica (051 - 060)

51-Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi

51-Toyota Crown Taxi

51-Nissan Paramedic Ambulance (Blue and Red Logos)

51-Nissan Bluebird

52-Daihatsu Copen (Blue and Brown)

52-Hino Dolphin Dump Truck

53-Nissan Diesel Quon Mixer Car

53-Nissan Diesel Mixer Car

54-Toyota Town Ace Hamburger Car

54-Honda Civic Type R

54-Subaru Impreza WRX

54-Range Rover Type

54-Honda Prelude

54-City Turbo II

55-Isuzu Giga Fried Potato Car

55-Nissan Fairlady Z (370)

55-Nissan Fairlady Z

55-Toyota Crown Majesta

56-Komatsu Bulldozer D155AX-6

56-Hino Bulldozer Carrier

57-Suzuki Carry Mobile Catering Truck (Tasty Ice)

57-Suzuki Carry Mobile Catering Truck (Kebab)

57-Nissan Diesel Quon Tank Lorry

57-Nissan Diesel Tank Lorry

58-Daihatsu Wake (Brown and Yellow)

58-Suzuki Wagon R

58-Nissan Cedric Patrol Car (FL)

58-Nissan Cedric Patrol Car

59-Sakai Vibratory Tandem Roller SW502-1

59-Dynapac CC21

60-Isuzu Elf Vehicle Transporter (White and Blue)

60-Ford Mustang GT V8 (Blue and Red)

60-Toyota Mark X Owned Car

60-Toyota Celsior Privately Owned Taxi

60-Mitsubishi Rosa Kinder Garten


  1. I like your Prelude. I have a rare special edition and red one but not the regular one yet. Can I offer $20.00 to buy it, I assume you buy from others at $6.00 maximum right?

  2. Thanks for your offer but sorry, the Honda Prelude is a part of my collection & is my only piece. It cost more than $6.00 for sure. Happy collecting! ^^

  3. Then how much you will think you will sell? If not, i will hunt for it in my trip this month. I am surprise that you pay more than $6.00 for this car as you say you will pay regular Tomica at current market price only

  4. I think you misunderstood? I did not say $6.00 for a car like the Honda Prelude. Anyway, I have no intention to sell the car, hope you understand. Good luck finding it and other goodies in your coming trip. Cheers.