Sunday, 8 April 2018

Tomica (021 - 030)

21-Nissan X-Trail

21-Honda Step Wagon

21-Honda Stepwagon

21-Honda Step Wagon (Green)

21-Fuji Subaru 360

22-Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG (Green)

22-Nissan Note

22-Nissan Diesel Aerial Ladder Fire Truck

23-Nissan GT-R (Orange)

23-Mitsubishi Mirage

23-Mitsubishi RVR

23-Toyota Probox Voluntary Service Police Car

23-Nissan Skyline Safety Car

23-Mazda Bongo Friendee

23-Mitsubishi Fuso Covered Truck

24-Kawasaki BK117 C-2

24-Toyota New Soarer

24-Komatsu Motor Grader

24-Toyota RAV4 (with Variant)

24-MR2 (Prototype)

25-Mitsuoka Orochi

25-Mitsuoka Le-Seyde

25-Mitsubishi Jeep Bigfoot

26-Mazda Roadster (Red and Black)

26-Tokai University Solar Car Tokai Challenger

26-Shimajiro Car

26-Exploratory Bus (Blue & Red Logos)

27-Nissan NV350 Caravan Fire Chief Car

27-Toyota Corolla Axio

27-Mitsubishi-Grandis (with Variant)

27-Toyota Will Vi

27-Isuzu Hipac Van

28-Yanmar Combine YH590

28-John Deere Combine 9670STS

28-Toyota iQ

28-Honda Elysion

28-High-Way Public Co Patrol Car (Blue & Red Logos)

29-Mitsubishi Canter Sakai Moving Service

29-Hino Aerial Ladder Fire Truck

30-Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star Route Bus

30-Mitsubishi Pajero

30-Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top

30-Quint Integra


  1. hi! i'm a new collector of toy/miniature firetrucks and luckily, my first buy is a tomica one. i got #22, the nissan diesel model. is it possible to know your location? and how are you able to buy such a lot of tomicas? thanks!

  2. Hey Clement. Luckily for you there are plenty of firetrucks and related vehicles to collect. Be sure to check out the Hyper Rescue Series. A favourite of mine is 13-Morita Airport Crash Tender MAF-125A.

  3. wah this blog has mnay tomica that miss out....keep it up!!! welcome to view some tomica in my blog too =)

  4. hi can i ask where can i buy firetruck # 22

  5. Good article about honda steowagon . i like it . thanks for sharing with us .